Tabletop Gaming

R.N.G Tabletop Gaming is a community focused tabletop gaming hang out spot.

Hi there, the name is Jai and I own R.N.G Tabletop Gaming. I love games in all their forms but there is nothing quite like tabletop gaming when it comes to the social interactions and ease of making new friends that comes with it.

For the past several years I felt it would be a great addition to my local area if there was a place where people could go to hang out, play tabletop games, and make friends. I would go to tabletop gaming stores in other towns and cities where I would have fun but I was always left feeling like something was missing.

After several similar experinces I knew it was time that I would do something about it, and thus the idea of R.N.G Tabletop Gaming was born. It’s a place that has a great atmosphere, where you feel a little magic each time you came in.

A place with more than just some tabletop gaming products with a price tag on them, more than just a business staffed by those that aren’t interested in creating new stories and adventures. It’s a place filled with friends, allies, foes, and for those with a knack for making a great story!

I decided that R.N.G would be about playing the games and meeting people first. You would come to the store to play and hang out, and while you were there you could pick up some new games or accessories. That idea is the guiding force behind every decision we make for the business.